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Lean Startups

We build new online projects by utilizing the lean startup framework and use business intelligence to optimize and tweak our products.



We are involved in various e-commerce projects and are continuously seeking to expand our portfolio in different product categories.


Joint Ventures

We help foreign companies expand into the Scandinavian market & contribute to already existing companies with our business expertise.

Our Expertise

We are experimentation-addicts and have a data-based approach to everything we do. This is reflected in each area of our expertise where we relentlessly test and optimize our assumptions.

Strategic Innovation

Strategic innovation is the combination of creativity and strategy used to create new and game changing innovation in products and services, business models and business processes. About generating new ways of creating and capturing value. Strategy and innovation is the heart of our business development process where we actively seek to establish ventures with a clear competitive advantage.

Customer Development

Our biggest focus is customer acquisition. Building a sales and marketing machine requires a great product, a great brand and a great service. We have a customer-centric approach where we build our sales and marketing process around our customers using heavy feedback and analytics. The most important thing in any project is identifying the bottlenecks that stop people from buying and resolving them.

Web Analytics

All our projects are instrumented with dashboards that provide Key Performance Indicators that allow us to identify the levers that can be pulled to grow sales. Data, analytics and metrics are driving everything we do. Numbers don’t lie, and we use metrics to track the past and define the future. We apply the “build, measure, learn”-principle from the Lean Startup to let the customers validate our hypothesis and thus avoid wasting our precious time on activities and features that don’t add value.

Online Marketing

How and where to acquire customers is the main challenge facing new business ventures. We have explored the process thoroughly and operate using field-tested principles and have in particular refined our online marketing skills to master various channels, optimizing landing pages and websites, and leveraging social media. Our marketing strategy is data-based and metric-driven with emphasis on acquisition cost, conversion rates, customer lifetime value and retention.

Persuasion Architecture

Guiding people to take certain action is both a conscious and subconscious process and have a huge impact on each and every aspect of online business. Getting people to click ads, sign up for services and newsletters, buy products and telling their friends are all activities that can be increased dramatically by thoroughly leveraging persuasive triggers in design, technology, communication, pricing and loyalty.

Conversion Optimization

We run many experiments with split-testing as our favorite weapon of choice to increase conversion rates, learn about customer pains, explore how features may add value and essentially improve the rate of success in every aspect of our ventures. We test, analyze and optimize everything; features, pricing, ads, copy, landing pages, value propositions, buy buttons and newsletters are extensively tested and improved.


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